Civil Mediation

When two or more parties are embroiled in a serious legal dispute, they may wish to resolve the matter through mediation. In mediation, the parties discuss their specific concerns in an attempt to resolve the case, prior to (or in place of) an expensive and unpredictable trial.

Craig O. Ash, founder of Ash Mediation Centers, is an experienced trial lawyer, whose experience has provided him a clear idea of how courts treat these matters. He has used this knowledge to identify areas of concern and approach them from a fresh perspective.

The goal at Ash Mediation Centers is to help you break through the barriers that are preventing all parties from reaching an agreement. We understand how important the case is to both sides, and that’s why we want to make sure each party gets the opportunity to discuss the matters they feel need addressing during mediation.

Once we have received input from all involved parties, we then focus on facilitating communication that leads to actual solutions in the case based on the parties’ needs and interests. There is no taking of sides or pressuring one party into accepting an unfair offer. Ash Mediation Centers take pride in our ability to help people find common ground in complex cases.

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