Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is not only more efficient than going through litigation, it’s much more affordable as well. Our mediation process is designed with you in mind. We work to help save you as much money and time as possible, tailoring solutions to your unique situation. Once we help you to reach a divorce agreement, we will guide you through the legal paperwork so you can move on with your life and to ensure there is no conflict in the future.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Save Time and Money

Mediation is significantly less expensive than going to court. Mediation is faster and can cut the cost of your divorce down from one-third to one-tenth the cost of litigation.

Reach Meaningful Agreements

Mediation participants are in charge of creating their own solutions. Because they’re not imposed by the court, both parties are more likely to abide by the agreements in the future.

Preserve Relationships

Mediation focuses on the future rather than making accusations about the past. At Ash Mediation, we implement ground rules in order to create a safe environment, which helps participants work out difficult issues in a respectful and constructive manner. Because of this approach, there is less anger and hostility and clients often find communication more effective between one another into the future.

Maintain Control

Unlike in court, the participants in mediation are in control of the timing and the outcome of their case. This is likely to result in a timely and cost effective resolution of the case. Your attorney mediator is trained to help all participants communicate productively and to keep all parties on task.

How to Get Started

Once a client calls to inquire about divorce mediation services, a brief consultation will be conducted over the phone. If the client wishes to proceed, we will schedule an initial in-person consultation, preferably with both parties present. We will then review the case and go over the mediation process in further detail, so the clients can make an informed decision regarding whether or not they would like to utilize divorce mediation instead of battling in out in court.

Let's find the pathway to resolution