Custody Mediation

Custody disputes are inherently adversarial, ugly, uncomfortable, time consuming, expensive and unpredictable in outcome. Custody mediation offers an alternative, where a neutral person facilitates productive communication between parents, with the goal of reaching a win-win resolution. This process is voluntary, highly successful, private and confidential, saves time and money, and helps people in conflict preserve relationships with one another.

Benefits of Custody Mediation

Shield the Children

For most children, the method by which parents resolve disagreements is more important than the solution itself. During mediation, you are assisted with managing conflict in a way that keeps your children out of the middle and out of court.

Preserve Relationships

Mediation is the best alternative when parties have a relationship that they want to preserve following resolution of the conflict. The court process is adversarial in nature and each of the parties tries to convince the judge to rule in their favor. This usually involves claims and counterclaims and accusations and attacks by the parties against one another. This usually results in one party being the winner and one being the loser. All of this basically guarantees that parties will be on very poor terms. Mediation works differently. The parties work together , with the help of the mediator, to discuss their needs and interests and collaborate on a solution. This process often allows the parties to continue a good relationship in a way that is simply not possible following a highly-charged adversarial proceeding.

Maintain Control

Unlike in court, the participants in mediation are in control of the timing and the outcome of their case. This is likely to result in a timely and cost effective resolution of the case. Your attorney mediator is trained to help all participants communicate productively and to keep all parties on task.

How to Get Started

Once a client calls to inquire about custody mediation services, a brief consultation will be conducted over the phone. If the client wishes to proceed, we will schedule an initial in-person consultation, preferably with both parties present. We will then review the case and go over the mediation process in further detail, so the clients can make an informed decision regarding whether or not they would like to utilize custody mediation instead of reaching a custody agreement in court.

Let's find the pathway to resolution